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Loans, Exchange, and Acquisition

The MSU Herbarium loans several thousand specimens a year to other institutions for research. Loans are available by request to recognized institutions. Please address loan requests to MSUHerbarium@gmail.com, or send physical mail to:

Dr. Alan Prather, Director
Department of Plant Biology
166 Plant Biology Building
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1312

Exchanges and Acquisitions

Before sending specimens, you may view our Acquisitions policy. If you wish to exchange or donate specimens in accordance with these policies, please complete our Acquisitions form. Thank you for thinking of us and for contributing to our knowledge base!

It remains current policy to accept specimens that enhance the local and worldwide holdings of the herbarium. Currently desired are vascular plants of the Great Lakes Region, Neotropics, and Southeast Asia, and cryptogams, especially lichens, of North America, the Caribbean Islands, southern South America, Australasia, and sub-Antarctic Island groups.