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Michigan Trees Coloring Book


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Interactive Coloring Books

Color in herbarium specimen-themed pages and put together your own "collection" book! Use your investigative and plant identification skills to match the correct label to your colored-in page.

For help with understanding how to assemble and bind your book, open our short 1-page guide!

Assembling and Binding Your Book

Share your colored-in pages on our social media and tag us for the chance to have your art featured on our website! Find us here: 

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Michigan Trees

  Front Pages Specimen Labels Back Pages

Get started by printing what you need to assemble your book! 

Michigan Trees Front Page Preview Specimen Coloring Page Labels Michigan Trees Back Page



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Need Help Identifying?


Click here for the pdf. 


Use this key to help you! Or, compare the coloring pages to real databased specimens to figure out what they are.










Specimen Coloring Pages

Page 1 PreviewPage 1

Page 2Page 2

Page 3Page 3

Page 4 openPage 4

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Page 5Page 5

Page 6Page 6

Page 7Page 7

Page 8Page 8

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Page 9Page 9

Page 10Page 10

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Front Page Colored


Get it all in one go!

Download and print the FULL PDF of the Michigan Trees coloring book HERE






For any inquiries about the coloring book, please contact: dufource@msu.edu.